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So that I can personalise your treatment, I will ask you to complete a short consultation form.  It will enable me to work on particular areas in need, adjust pressure and use particular techniques, as well as helping me understand whether there are any medical conditions or injuries which could prevent me from treating you.  These are called contraindications.  I am not a medical specialist, so for your own safety, if I have any doubt, I may advise that you check with your medical practitioner for advice before I treat you.  If possible please disclose any key information at the time of booking so that I can make any reasonable adjustments where necessary and bring with me any additional equipment.

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I take the hygiene of both myself and my equipment very seriously and in light of the current pandemic I have taken extra precautions to ensure all our safety. 

My equipment is cleaned with antibacterial spray before and after every treatment.

All towels and linen are washed and dried using detergent - one set per client.

Dirty linen will be bagged separately at the end of each treatment ready for washing.

I always wash my hands before and after each treatment; I will also regularly use hand sanitizer.

I will wear washable aprons which I will bag with the dirty linen at the end of each treatment - one apron per client.

I will wear a face covering for the duration of my visit this includes a reusable visor and mask during the course of the treatment.

Click here to view information relating to Covid-19

Massage Oil
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I use a Soya carrier oil which is light on the skin but packed with vitamin E.  For those whose skin needs a little TLC I used a blended Lemon Seed and Hemp Seed carrier oil. It has stronger hydrating properties and is excellent for sensitive or irritated skin due to the naturally rich Omega oil, vitamins and minerals. Both oils are suitable for those who suffer with allergies.  However, if neither of these oil are suitable, then I can use Grape Seed carrier oil.

Massage Techniques
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I use a blend of Swedish massage techniques to personalise your treatment, giving you a truly unique experience.  Depending on your requirements,  I aim to relieve muscular tension using trigger point techniques or deep tissue massage and where needed and lighter touch for those sensitive areas.  Alternatively I can offer a relaxation massage using techniques that are more flowing - pressure can be adjusted based on your preferences.

Massage Therapy

Full Body Massage

I use a blend of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques to personalise your treatment.  I aim to relieve muscular tension where needed or I can offer a relaxation massage using techniques that are more flowing.


A typical full body massage would include back, legs, feet, arms, hands, decolletage, neck and head lasting 90 minutes.


However I will personalise a treatment to suit your needs, time allowance and cost.


60 minutes (£40)

90 minutes (£60)

Face Massage

Face Rejuvenation Massage

This is an add-on treatment using a blend of Indian, Japanese & acupressure techniques for the face which helps to lift, plump and rejuvenate the skin. Regular treatment can help smooth and tone the skin and relieve facial tension.

15 minutes (£10)

30 minutes (£20)

* Not available as a stand alone treatment. It may be added on to a 60 minute treatment.

Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for particularly tense muscles.  It is a technique that applies slow firm strokes which target deep muscles. 


I will personalise your treatment to apply trigger point and deep tissue techniques to the areas that need particular attention.


This treatment can be incorporated with my Swedish body massage or I can focus my attention on the areas that need it most.

60 minutes (£40)

90 minutes (£60)

Spa Time

Group Pamper

This is a lovely way to treat yourself, family and friends in the comfort of your own home.  I can provide any combination of the above treatments for up to 4 hours. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

£40 per hour to to the maximum of 4 hours (£160)

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy changes your body in so many ways and as the baby grows it can place many tensions on your body.  Massage can help alleviate these tensions and relax your body and mind. 

Your treatment will be personalised to ensure I spend time on the areas that are needed most including a bump massage should you wish.

I will ensure you are comfortable using towels and cushions to support you whilst on the table.

60 minutes (£40)


Gift Vouchers

Treat your friends and family to a treatment of their choice.

Choose from £20, £40, £60, £80 to purchase either a 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes treatment.

Vouchers are for female clientele and valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase.  Vouchers may be extended upon request and at my discretion.