You declare that the information you have given prior to treatment and as detailed on the consultation form is correct, and that you have not withheld any information concerning your health. You accept responsibility for withholding any medical/ health information and acknowledge that withholding such information may result in an adverse reaction sustained during your treatment. You are willing to proceed with treatment without confirmation from your GP/Consultant and understand that participation is by your own choice. 




  • Please be aware that any personal information that you provide to Angela Munn will be held in the strictest confidence. The information will be used for purposes of providing a safe and effective treatment for you and is required in line with professional standards, current regulations and insurance guidelines. 

  • Your personal information will be held in paper form and minimal contact information may be held on Angela Munn’s mobile phone which is password protected and intended for the use of making contact with you regarding your appointment or follow up post treatment. No information will knowingly be provided to a third party.

  • Should you choose to send an email or message Angela using other electronic applications, then any information provided in this way may be stored as an email/text/message on Angela Munn's computer, phone or by the application provider. No information will be forwarded on to third parties.


  • Your information will be retained for a period of time such as complies with professional, legal and insurance requirements. 

  • You have the right to request to see any information that is held for you and the right to ask for them to be erased after the legal period of time which Angela Munn is required to hold them for, lapses. Should you have any queries or complaints, please contact Angela Munn on 07703 738311 or email